International Symposium on Spine and Paravertebral Sonography
for Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine 2018

26 - 28 January 2018

Days remaining :

Organising Committee


Convener: Dr. M.K.Karmakar
Program Director: Dr. P.T.Chui
Scientific Committee: Dr. W.H.Kwok
Reception Committee: Dr. J Pakpirom
Director Exhibition and Industry Liaison: Ms. Ruby Ng
Finance Committee: Ms. Heidi Sin
Social Committee: Dr. Peggy Li, Dr. Candy Chiu, Dr. Sylvia Au
CME Committee:

Dr. Carina Li

Hospitality / Accommodation Committee:

Dr. Polly Chan, Dr. Sylvia Au

Publication Committee: Dr. W.H.Kwok  
Transport Committee:

Ms. Ruby Ng and Ms. Mavis Mo

Webmaster: Mr. Bryan Ng
Postmaster General: Ms. Heidi Sin

Registration Committee:

Ms. Heidi Sin,, Mrs. Rebecca Luk and Ms. Mavis Mo
issps2018 Coordinator: Ms. Ruby Ng
issps2018 Secretariat:








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